Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I once heard a rumor that Karl Lagerfeld took his "girls" on a shopping jaunt to Colette and that they descended en masse in head-to-toe black, like a dark cloud of fashion militia on an unsuspecting coastal town. Sometimes, I like daydream that I was one of those Black Water Babes, skulking through the Left Bank with Karl L helming the crew. And if I was, I like to think I might have worn this Prada jacket. Crafted in silk from the white label collection, this jacket also features tufted fur shoulders. Sleek, sexy and dangereuse. Je l'aime.
*Prada jacket with tufted fur shoulders. In an Italian size 44. Priced at $970.
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alaskagrown said...

Those tufted fur shoulders are really cute! They're kind of similar to the rooster tufted shoulders displayed in Mike Vensel designs.