Sunday, November 09, 2008


Well, it's November and you Angelenos know what that means . . . It's practically Fall--which in the rest of the world means, it's practically Christmas. or Chanukah. Or Kwanzaa. Really, Thanksgiving. I.e., the season of gift-giving.

So, rather than post-poning present shopping until the last possible minute, we've decided to start thinking about possible lagniappes for our loved ones. Instead of coming up with another ridiculously heavy coffee table book (one year my mother & father requested that I never ever buy them another art book for fear that the coffee table might shatter under the weight of yet another photo-painting-curosity-survey hardcover), this year I've decided to pick out presents that my peeps might actually enjoy, where they get to partake in their favorite activities. Who needs another trinket or bauble to regift come birthday season in April when you could have a monthly pass to the Silent Movie Theatre?

As some of you may know, my old pal Professor Burns is a world class chef so I was thinking that I might buy her a class at the super duper chic Hipcooks, here in Lalaland this Xmas. Hipcooks has an amazing array of classes that cover cuisine from the Farmer's Market to France with multi-culti cute names like Shortcut to Nirvana (Indian) and Turning Japanese (duh). And, after honing her hash-slinging skills, I'm sure she'll want to show them off by cooking me a fantastic meal, making the gift a present for two. With me as one of the ones.

Of course, now that I've gone and let the cat of the bag, I may have ruined the surprise. Shhhhhhhhhh, don't tell . . .

For further information on Class Descriptions & Schedule, Private Instruction, & Gift Certificates, please visit:

Hipcooks West: 2833 S. Robertson Blvd.

Hipcooks East: 642 Moulton Ave. (at The Brewery Downtown)

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