Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chanel Navy Boucle Crop Jacket w Sequins

Ok, ladeez . . . pull up a chair and bust out a pencil--it's D2 sequin school! Ah, sequins . . . our favorite decorative flat bead goes way back--did you know she was used on signs and billboards before the advent of neon lights? The word itself has mutli-culti origins and is thought to come from from the arabic word sikka, meaning gold coin. The public mint of the Republic of Venice in was titled la Zecca and in the year 1284, the 3.5 gram golden coins that it produced were called zecchin. In 1478, Turkey debuted a gold coin with same name and Malta followed suit in 1535. The French then adapted that word to sequin and then the english stole it. In cultures where the sequins originated, their display on clothing and headdresses denoted the family's wealth. It was this custom that evolved into the use of these flat little suckers as ornamentation on clothing today. And hey, we love gold coins & we love sequins--the better when combined with a Chanel navy boucle jacket. The size/composition tag are missing but this baby is approximately a size 40. In next to new condition and priced at $900. For further information or to purchase, please contact: thegang@ decadestwo.com

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