Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fendi Zucca Baguette Tote Handbag

Zucca--let's discuss. The word zucca is Italian for pumpkin (just in time for Halloween) or squash. My favorite squash is Zucchini blossoms, fyi. Zucca is also the name of an Italian aperatif whose base ingredient is Rhubarb combined with cardamom seeds and other curative herbs. After 10 days of mellowing out, thepotion is strained and bottled. Zucca has a mild bittersweet taste and is fairly light with only 16% volume of alcohol. Nearly impossible to find in the states as it is not commerically distributed in the US, Zucca is the featured cocktail in the Zucca bar in the Galleria at the Piazza del Duomo in Milan. This bar is also the site where Gaspere Campari introduced his alcoholic infusion of herbs in the 1860s. Lastly, Zucca is the name of the verrrry famous FF logo jaquard of Fendi. I'm not sure what it has to do with drinking (or squash for that matter) but I do know that I'd defintely carry this baby for cocktails with the girls. Preferably, in Milan. Accented with smooth brown leather strapping, this baby is a classic, fo' sho'. Priced at D2 for $450 and in mint condition! For futher information or to purchase, please contact:

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