Monday, March 05, 2007

Oscar De La Renta Marigold Motorcyle Jacket

Lady, aren't you tired of saying to yourself "Mon Dieu, what will I wear to zip through the cobbled streets of Paris on the back of Jean-Pierre's Vespa? He'll be here in cinq minutes and I simply haven't a thing!" Let Decadestwo assist vous, madame. This Oscar De La Renta marigold motorcycle jacket is sure to come to your rescue each and every time. Sleek and chic, this sixties-inspired jacket is guaranteed to have you sitting pretty and picture perfect, like a modern day Deneuve, updated straight out of the Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Voila, another wardrobe crisis averted.

Crafted in a super soft and supple marigold leather, this jacket also features white leather trim and zippered pocket & sleeve details. Finished with a matching marigold silk lining. The size tag says size 10--but this jacket is actually a size 6/8. Brand spanking NEW and retailed in Stores for $3000 and available at Decadestwo for $1200.

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