Thursday, August 26, 2010


7000 yeatrs ago, when I happened across Full House on channel 11, I never-evah would have guessed that the twins playing Stephanie & DJ Tanner's littlest tv sis would wind up as fashion icons, photographed for their ensembles as well as thier DESIGNS. That's right, the dual stars behind Michelle Tanner have crafted several clothing lines, notably The Row and Elizabeth & James among them. In fact, one Olsen has eschewed acting completely to focus on design. Say what you will--The Row is next in a line of designers who made seriously sleek and well made basics that transition beautifully season to season their business. Think Calvin Klein in the 80s. Helmut Lang in the early nineties. Take for example, this brushed matte black calfskin coat from The Row. Soft and supple and chic, it has a certain slouchy style factor that serves as a hipster stamp of approval. We'll take it!
*The Row black long leather jacket. In a size 8.
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