Tuesday, April 06, 2010


As we may not be able to roll up Monet's Water Lilies and cut-and-sew that baby into a fabulous dress, water color prints may just be the next best thing. Of course, the master of prints, Dries Van Noten, crafts delactable prints that are works of art themselves. Take for example, this Dries Van Noten jacket. Perfect for the season--as a lightweight jacket is a gal's best pal, especially draped over a knee-length sundress--this thick weaved wrap jacket sports a delcious floral water color inspired print so gorgeous, it too perhaps, should hang in a museum. Of course, I'd prefer it hanging in my closet.
*Dries Van Noten water color print jacket. Priced at $600.
For further information or to purchase, please contact: lizzy@decadestwo.com

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