Monday, June 29, 2009


Oh, sweet darlings--we know, we know--July 4th is soon upon us and we're sure as we write our latest blog post, that you are gathering together your Goyard travel cases planning your outfits for a decadent weekend on the Long Island Sound or Palm Springs or Ibiza, thinking where have we been toguide you in your journeywear? Have no fear, darlings. Tomorrow we're having a GINORMOUS Chanel Sale on 100 pieces from the French House will be posted for the pickings. No matter where you going to be this July 4th, we've got something special for you. And this, we can start to get ahead on Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas . . . Oy!
The jacket pictured above is just one of the many delicious goodies that will be available for sale!
Bonjour, madame . . .

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MH said...

HI Decades,
I had no idea you had a blog now! I just posted your Chanel sale on my blog.
Keep me posted on all your sales,
The Recessionista