Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Decadestwo Co-Owner Christos Garkinos and actress claire Danes at the opening party for the Decadestwo pop-up shop at KiKi De Montparnasse. Photo taken by Mike Coppola, from Wire Image.

Well, you came, you saw, you conquered. We've just arrived back from our pop-up shop in NYC in need of some deep-tissue massage and a frankly, a cocktail. Or two. Seriously though, it was so great to see you, our beloved East Coast chums, as you rushed the racks to get your mitts on Rodarte, Giambattista, Chanel and the chance to spy THE OSCAR DRESS Alek gave Carrie on Sex and The City. We wined with you, we dined with you, we helped you find the perfect Balenciaga Moto Bag and try on a Lanvin Heel. Or two.

For our gals who couldn't be with us during our jaunt through the Big Apple, here's some coverage on the D2 Takes Manhattan whirlwind tour.
The Gang @ Decadestwo

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